XIII International festival of chamber-orchestral music «Siberia — Europe»
11 – 27 September 2014

About festival

Stars of Classical Music in Krasnoyarsk!

XIII International festival of chamber-orchestral music «Siberia — Europe» will open a new chapter in its history on September, 11 at 19.00 in the Small Philharmonic Hall. From now on not only renowned soloists and conductors from Europe and Russia will be its guests, but well-known groups as well, and the idea of making music together with the organizer and permanent participant of the festival — the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra — will get a new incarnation. The festival is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov. The founder of the festival is the Main Department of Culture of the Administration of Krasnoyarsk.
For the first time in our city there will perform the String Quartet named after David Oistrakh (Moscow) and the chamber orchestra «La Primavera» from the city of Kazan. On September, 12 the renowned orchestra from Tatarstan will present a brilliant program of Krasnoyarsk premieres. The artistic director and chief conductor of the chamber orchestra of Kazan «La Primavera» is the Honoured Arts worker of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan, the People’s Artiste of the Republic of Tatarstan Roustem Abiazov. The created by him orchestra has enthusiastically been applauded by the public at the Royal Palace in Stockholm and Tunis Coliseum, at the World Fair in Hannover, as well as in Azerbaijan, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Turkey, France, and Switzerland.
The festival will be opened by an unusual concert — on the stage of the Small Philharmonic Hall there will meet two chamber orchestras: the Kazan one and the Krasnoyarsk one. They will be united by the baton of the wonderful Italian maestro Andrea Pestalozza and the great score of five-part A. Dvořák’s Serenade for String Orchestra. On the stage we’ll also see the star duet of a violinist Andrey Baranov and a violist Fedor Belugin. They will perform the immortal Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra by W.-A. Mozart.
The name of Andrey Baranov, a winner of dozens of international competitions, gained a particular popularity a few years ago after a brilliant victory at one of the most prestigious performing forum — the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels, where in the thirties of the last century David Oistrakh obtained a victory.
As well as Andrey Baranov, his friend and partner Fedor Belugin is a brilliant winner of different competitions, including the first prize at the international competition in Stockholm. It is no coincidence, that they with other great musicians — a violinist Rodion Petrov and a cellist Alexey Zhilin — have founded the David Oistrakh Quartet, which has won the highest rating both in our country and in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and other countries for a few years of its artistic career.
Not only the outstanding level of mastery of each partner features the Quartet, but there are also the principles of deep national traditions of the quartet school. Suffice it to say that Fedor Belugin (by the way, he was Professor M. Benyumov’s student at the Musical Lyceum at KSAM&T) currently runs viola and quartet classes at the Moscow Conservatory and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. Before the David Oistrakh Quartet for seven years he was a violist of the Shostakovich State Quartet.
On September, 14 the concert of the Quartet will continue the programme of the festival «Siberia — Europe." This will be its debut in our city. In the first part there will sound quartets by E. Grieg and P. Tchaikovsky. In the second part the public will have another surprise — the performance of fragments of J. Haydn’s musical masterpiece «Seven Last Words of Christ» arranged for String Quartet and Orchestra by the artistic director and conductor of the concert Michael Benyumov. The top of romantic music lyrics will finish the concert — «Introduction and Allegro» by E. Elgar in co-performing of the Quartet and the Orchestra.
In the following fourth concert program on September, 17 Fedor Belugin will appear as a soloist and with the orchestra perform the famous poem by E. Bloch «Schelomo». This work has already sounded in Krasnoyarsk in original edition for a solo cellist, however, in alto arrangement it will sound for the first time.
The Festival «Siberia — Europe» is a forum of classical music, where originality, conceptual integrity and indeed festive riches of genres and Krasnoyarsk premieres distinguish programmes of concerts. Continuing this tradition in the fourth concert for the first time in our city there will be performed J. Haydn’s Symphony № 25 and amazing by beauty and perfection «Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky» by a composer A. Arensky.
The family duet of a prizewinner of international competitions, now a student of the University of Arts in Berlin Rimma Benyumova and an Honored Artist of Russia, pianist Larisa Markosyan will begin the fifth concert of the festival on September, 24. A mother and a daughter will meet again on the home stage, performing one of the most significant works of chamber repertoire — Sonata № 3 for Violin and Piano by J. Brahms.
In the second part the orchestra will be conducted by Catherine Larsen-Maguire (England). A professor of the University of Arts in Berlin, soloist and conductor of a very famous Symphony Orchestra of the Berlin Philharmonic — Catherine — will first perform in Krasnoyarsk. In the debut there are two works by W.-A. Mozart: Adagio and Fugue (first performance in Krasnoyarsk) and the First Violin Concerto (soloist — Rimma Benyumova).
In the final program of the festival on September 26 all works, except Serenade for Strings by E. Elgar, will first sound in Krasnoyarsk. On our stage after many years there will perform an outstanding oboist Nigel Shore. With C. Larsen-Maguire (bassoon) and L. Markosyan (piano) he will play a witty Trio by F. Poulenc, Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra by R. Williams and «Temporal variations» by Benjamin Britten. The conductor of the concert C. Larsen-Maguire will introduce the audience two other orchestral works by English composers — H. Purcell’s Chacony (arranged by Benjamin Britten) and St. Paul’s Suite by G. Holst.
The festival will end on September, 27. Citizens of Sosnovoborsk will be lucky to listen to a program of works by W.- A. Mozart, F. Poulenc and R. Williams in the programme with participation of Catherine Larsen-Maguire, Nigel Shore, Larisa Markosyan and Rimma Benyumova.
In general, the Festival 2014 will be remembered by combination of favorite famous classical pieces and never performed before in Krasnoyarsk melodies, will surprise with new bright names of prominent musicians-soloists and conductors, who traditionally will be presented in different lines — from chamber performers to soloists with the orchestra.
In a word, don’t miss the opportunity to become a participant of one of the brightest events of the upcoming concert season.
Interested listeners can also visit creative meetings and workshops of the participants of the festival, which will be held in the Hall of the Academy of Music and Theatre.
Tel. for information: + 7 (391) 227 49 30/ 223 23 79.
Tickets are on sale!


The festival is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov

Main Department of Culture
Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Nataliya Malaschyuk

Artistic Director of the Festival – Michael Benyumov
Director of the Festival – Larisa Markosyan

International Affairs Department,
Head of the Department – Vadim Falaleev
Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra,
Director – Tatiana Taskaeva

Perensona, St., 20
Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia
tel. + 7 391 223 23 79
e-mail: fest-dir@kko.ru